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weather yummmmmm

September 24, 2008

At last the weather has cooled and was in the 70s yesterday and will only be 80 today.  Every summer I wish I could move to Alaska.  The fall is so beautiful.

Did you know they now have green tea gum.  That is flat out nutty.  Eat some veggies.


history channel

September 23, 2008

Why does the history channel give time for Ufologists [I did not make that up] and big foot hunters?   Why do Aliens always use the anal probe on white southern guys who are none too smart?  Just asking.

broken glass

September 19, 2008

Trying to lift an awkward and heavy picture up high on the wall, it came crashing down on glass lamps and porcelain figurines. Tried again and broke more things till there was a pile of glass below the ladder. Thinking I did not need any help was pure pride in being independent. Proof once again that “pride goeth before a fall”.


September 18, 2008

Our first fox came today for food for the first time since last winter.  That replaces the migration of the humming birds which had left me feeling empty.  I be lovin’ animals this last couple of years.  There are two strange big birds in the tree by the window.  I have looked in two field guides and cannot find these cool birds anywhere.  We thought they might be love birds but there beaks are different.

I love my life.


September 16, 2008

A simple premise but one that occured to me the other day.  All of us are bipolar with the two “poles” far from each other.  Being sick with it just means how long it takes to get from one end to another without provocation. Going to the from the beginning pole to the end pole in a matter of seconds or minutes is not good and takes much practice and will power to avoid.


September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin makes me ashamed that she is a woman and so am I.  We are not the same in any way.


September 14, 2008

PROUDLY wearing an Obama for President button and have the bumper sticker too.  Was briefly tempted by the “Obama Mama” but thought better of it so opted out.  I am worried about the election because I think this is a real turning point.

Hyde Park Street Fair

September 13, 2008

We actually went there to get an Obama button and a sticker for the car.  We could not find it and we finally stopped at a booth labeled “paranormal”.  They pointed us in the exact wrong direction so stopped by to tell them and we all laughed but not at the singer on the stage who was fundamentally untalented.  I know she is yearning to be famous and that is sad cause she cannot sing at all.


September 13, 2008

Thought in the shower.  All of us are bipolar and what makes one ill  is the time it takes to get from one polar end to the other polar end.

Gambling weekend

September 9, 2008

Faced by an endless flashing of light and ringing of bells at the casino,  a broad smile crossed  my face followed by  confusion.  What machine deserved my first wasted 20.00 bill?  I settled on DaVinci’s Diamonds in which the famous artist is represented by tumbling diamonds and rubies which give money when tripled and down they go for another possible win.  I could not help but call [used my new cell phone!!] K. and E. so they could hear all that noise. I surprised myself by getting up during a winning session with Frog Treasures [later won a 90.00 bonus]  because someone sat down smoking a cigarette.  The smell actually makes me sick now and I wonder who that woman was who subjected everyone around here with it.