Smart ass remarks by John Re Sara Palin

John has made the following remarks about Sara Palin:

That hair rural slut hair.

Rural Ho Hair.

Looks like a woman who did this in her teen years:  Leaned over a 59 Chevy and the guy gave  her Ho hair a real party.

Speaking of parties,  the birds have a party here every morning and evening as they drink the ice water and take baths in bowls of water.  There are usually 8 to 14 and they can be very grumpy.  One feels so superior that he is trying to keep the humming birds off their feeder.  They pay no attention to this big bully bird.

I pay no attention to Republican bullying of Obama except to say that I want to get my new anniversary gun and shoot the tv.


One Response to “Smart ass remarks by John Re Sara Palin”

  1. Kate Says:

    New anniversary gun? Really?

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