Hard times

My sister died last week which leaves a hole in the family.  The first loss of a sibling in 13 children and so devastating no matter what I get busy with as I find myself crying many times.  I was singing for a couple of hours:  Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercades Benz and then realized that was Lynda’s favorite song and she could sing it with heartbreak.

It is also sad that she was in such denial about her health but think maybe she got tired of living through the pain.  I am 63 and can already see how it just becomes too much and too hard to do it everyday.  When people start discussing medications,  I tell them that I take them so that I won’t shoot them with a gun.  Garners many a laugh but it has a touch of truth in it.

The term:  she lights up a room fits Lynda and also my daughter Kate.  Life is strange and I won’t stop grieving until I am done.


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