Compromising is an interesting concept as it involves two people reaching half way to each other.  I hear so many stories about it in my store.  Today a woman was telling me about her “evil” neighbor who took the back of her planter off to build his fence.  They will not use a mediator which was offered to them.  Last night, he apparently put sugar in her gas tank and that will cost alot too.  These people are in their late 60s or earl 70s.

Unfortunately,  this made me remember my arch nemesis Carlos and his daughter Lea who made my life a living hell as only neighbors can.  The really good memory from them was when the mom was still alive.  The first Christmas she gave us this delicious looking fudge.  Took a bite, spit it out and determined that she used bacon fat instead of butter or margarine.  After she died,  I missed the annual joke which was never meant to be cruel as she was sweet but scared K & E   because of her giant skin tags, wens or  whatever you call them.  A fearful vision really.


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