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November 12, 2008

So when I went to check out my CD book,  I was shown how to do it automatically by swiping my library card and items myself.  I was not happy for two reasons:

Someone is going to lose their job but was assured this would not happen.  Maybe not right away but it is in the works.

The other reason is more fundamental and is part of the experience of Library!  Someone looks at what you are checking out, checks it out and then may comment on the book if they have read it.

In other words,  it WAS a human contact.



November 4, 2008

After seeing The Changeling movie,  I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep all night.  Very disturbing and fantastic movie.  Probably so disturbing because a true story.  People do things so evil that no one could think to make it up.  So very sad.